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JAY_installing_Laptop_480Your expensive laptop computer is an easy target for theft… and gravity. Deter theft and prevent accidental falls with the AnchorPad Laptop Security Stand. The Laptop Security Stand provides a fast, effective and low-cost method to secure your laptop. Plus, it is easy to unlock when your laptop needs to travel with you. The AnchorPad Laptop Stand is made of high-quality steel, and it uses TWO screw-type locks to keep your computer in-place. Don’t fret. Feel at ease knowing that your computer is safe and protected with the AnchorPad Laptop Security Stand.

Remember, don’t lose it… Lock it DOWN!

We make the Laptop Security Stand in different thicknesses to suit your computer and application. (Please see the comparison chart below.)




Model Options



***Laptop Not Included***

Mounting Options:

  • Vesa Mount Security: Choose this option if you want to mount Laptop Security Mount to a VESA Articulating Arm*.
  • Direct Adhesive Security: Choose this option if you want to mount your laptop to any smooth, horizontal surface.

*Articulating Arm Not Included – Click Here for the Laptop Security Stand with Articulating Arm Combo Package

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Protect your expensive laptop from opportunistic-theft. Keep your laptop cradled and prevent and damage from falls. Use the AnchorPad Laptop Security Stand! The Laptop Security Stand is made of high-quality steel, and it uses two screw-type locks to lock your computer down. Feel at ease knowing that your laptop is right where you left it, because you locked it down. AnchorPad’s commitment to high-quality materials and “lock redundancy” means our products are super-tough and super-secure.

The AnchorPad Laptop Security Stand is perfect for medical carts, classroom lecterns, computer labs, or other vulnerable situations. The Laptop Stand holds your laptop safely in place and deters theft without marring the chassis.

AnchorPad offers the Laptop Stand with two different Mounting Options:
  • Mount to a VESA Articulating Arm* with tamper-proof screws; or
  • Mount it to a smooth, flat surface with the optional high-bonding Adhesive Base.

*Note, the  VESA Articulating Arm is sold separately.

Laptop Security Stand Features:

  • Protects laptops from drops and theft
  • Mounts to table tops and other flat surfaces with the optional Direct Adhesive plate.
  • Or mount to a VESA Articulating Arm with tamper-proof screws.
  • Fits most laptops with a chassis width of: 11.53″ to 17.96″
  • Installation is easy – no extra tools required.
  • High-security solution with a reasonable cost.
  • Computer easily slides in and out when unlocked.
  • Laptop screen remains open – screen tilts back at 120°.
  • Optional Direct Adhesive Base delivers up to 20,000 lbs of anchoring strength.
  • Made of high-quality steel.
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