Universal Projector Security Mount – BMS LOC II


Projectors are an expensive investment. Need to get the best performance out of your projector, protect it from theft, and do so at a reasonable price? The BMS LOC II family of Universal Projector Security Mounts is the right choice!

Protect your investment with a LOC II Universal Security Projector Mount. Each LOC II Projector Mount comes ready for attachment to a standard 1.5 inch pipe. Also, each mount comes with Key-Lock Security, using a high-security, screw-type lock. Plus, every LOC II mount comes with our Precision Micro Adjustment Dome, which allows you to easily control the projectors pitch and yaw. With a BMS LOC II mount, it’s a cinch to guard against theft and get the picture centered correctly on the screen.

Remember, don’t lose it… Lock it DOWN!

Will it fit? Do you need some help choosing the correct size? Give BMS a call at 1-800-872-9562. Provide us with the Make/Model of projector, and we can recommend a size.



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Keep your expensive projector safely-mounted and deter theft. The BMS Universal Projector Security Mount model LCD LOC II is a complete, anti-theft projector mounting system. The LOC II Universal Projector Mounts allow you to mount and secure almost any projector, regardless of size. (Please see the mount sizes we offer in the drop down menu above.)

With the BMS LOC II projector mount, you won’t fiddle with confusing arrays of “spider legs” or loosen and tighten endless numbers of screws, just to get the picture centered. That’s because our LOC II Projector Mounts also feature the game-changing precision Micro Adjustment Dome. Now, you can easily control Pitch and Roll with the simple twist of three thumbscrews.

Need help deciding what size LOC II Projector Mount you need? Take a look at our LOC II Specifications Sheet for information on the available mountable area.

Installation is easy with the LOC II Universal Projector Security Mount:

The “Receiver” half of the mount screws onto a standard 1.5 inch threaded column. (High-strength thread locking glue keeps the Receiver from being detached.)  The projector bolts on to the “Tray” half of the mount. The tray features a grid of slots and pre-drilled screw holes that line up with almost any projector mounting pattern. (We also include our Offset Plate kit just in case things don’t quite line up.) The Tray slides into the Receiver. Using the provided key, the lock screws in and secures the tray to the receiver. That’s it! Now you can easily secure your projector, while allowing quick access for authorized users.

The LOC II Universal Security Projector Mounts are proudly made in the USA out of high-quality steel, yet they’re competitively priced.

Each LCD LOC II Universal Projector Security Mount comes with the following:
  • A Universal Mounting Tray (and mounting Hardware Pack), which attaches to just about any brand or model projector.
  • Key-Lock Security to prevent theft.
  • Our exclusive Micro-Adjustment Dome. It provides easy, precision adjustment of the projector’s Pitch, and Roll for a perfect screen alignment.
BMS Universal Projector Security Mount (model: LCD LOC II) Features & Info:
  • Universal Projector mounting Grid attaches to just about any make and model of projector.
  • Key-Lock Security.
  • Multiple key codes. (Please enter your desired BMS key code in the box.)
  • If you do not have an existing BMS mount, no worries. We can choose a key code for you.
  • Each mount is normally alike. We can key them differently – just give us a call, and let us know.
  • Precision adjustment for Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.
  • Mount attaches to standard 1.5″ pipe.
  • Different mount sizes available.
  • Color comes in either WHITE or BLACK. (Please make a selection from the dropdown menu)
  • Tough steel construction.
  • Made in the USA
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Weight 22 lbs

White, Black


SMALL (12.4" X 13.7"), SMALL WIDE (14.4" X 12.3"), MEDIUM (16.3" X 17.7"), MEDIUM WIDE (17.7" X 16.3"), LARGE (21.309" X 24.318")