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Prescription stock, forms and paper are vulnerable to theft. Prevent unauthorized access to your printer or copier paper tray with a BMS Paper Tray Lock (“Loc”).

We designed our Paper Tray Locs with you in mind. The two-piece design is easy to install; and when you need access to your paper tray, simply turn a key and slide off the lock body. You may also consider using the BMS Paper Tray Loc to secure cabinets, drawers and even refrigerators. Do the neighborhood kids keep taking your sodas out of your garage refrigerator? Why not lock it up? (By the way, we also make a hinged lock that works really well on refrigerators. Plus, it’s a one-piece design!)

BMS Paper Tray Locs are made in the USA out of durable steel.

BMS Paper Tray Locks come in 3 Sizes:
  • 3-inch – PTL-3
  • 4-inch – PTL-4
  • 5-inch – PTL-5

We offer 2 Lock Options: Standard Tubular Cam Lock, or upgrade to a Combination Lock.

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Enhance your Printer’s or Copier’s security with the BMS-AnchorPad Paper Tray Lock (“Loc”).

Also known as the “BMS PTL” series, these locks are used by hospitals, doctor offices, schools, and individuals all over the world. Paper Tray Locs prevent the loss of your expensive forms and prescription paper by securing your printer’s paper tray closed. With a BMS Paper Tray Loc in-place, only authorized personnel can open the paper tray. (It comes with a set of two keys.) Paper Tray Locs are cost-effective, strong and secure. Plus, they’re easy to install and easy to use.

The BMS Paper Tray Loc has “off label” uses as well. Possible uses include securing cabinets, drawers and even refrigerators!

Each Paper Tray Loc comes complete with instructions and a hardware kit. Installation takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require special tools.

BMS-AnchorPad can key your PTL’s alike or differently with up to 8 different codes, at no extra charge! If you already have BMS Paper Tray Locs, and you want to retain the same Lock number, we can do that. Just enter your lock number preference when placing your order. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your PTL with a 4-digit combination lock, instead of a key lock. (See lock options.)

To prevent corrosion, we powder coat the steel Cover Plate, in your choice of either Quartz Gray or Black. We zinc plate the steel Base Plate.

The PTL hardware kit comes with our patented BMS Flex Feet and super-strong glue. The Flex Feet secure the Paper Tray Loc’s Base Plate to the side of your printer or copier. The strong adhesive and resilience of our Flex Feet combine to prevent the Paper Tray Loc from being pried off.  The hardware kit also includes spacers that allow the base plate to “hover” above printers that have side bump-outs. When it is time to add or change paper stock, the two-piece design is simple to take apart. Simply unlock the Cover Plate and slide it off the Base Plate.

BMS Paper Tray Locks are proudly made in the USA.

BMS Paper Tray Loc (“PTL”) Features:
  • Steel construction
  • Comes standard with a tubular lock keyed to your preference.
  • Each PTL comes with 2 Keys and installation hardware.
  • Optional 4-Dial Combination Lock.
  • Three Sizes available: 3-inch, 4-inch & 5–inch.
  • Simple installation. Special tools not required.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
BMS Paper Tray Locks come in THREE sizes for the right fit. You may also choose the Standard Tubular Key Lock or upgrade to the optional 4-Dial Combination Lock.
Standard Paper Tray Lock Sizes:
  • 3-inch Paper Tray Loc: 3″ (L) x 2″ (H) – Part number: PTL-3
  • 4 inch Paper Tray Loc: 4″ (L) x 2.75″ (H) – Part number: PTL-4
  • 5 inch Paper Tray Loc: 5″ (L) x 2.75″ (H) – Part number: PTL-5
Paper Tray Lock with Combination Lock Sizes:
  • 3 inch Paper Tray Loc: 3″ (L) x 2″ (H) – Part number: PTL3-C
  • 4 inch Paper Tray Loc: 4″ (L) x 2.75″ (H) – Part number: PTL4-C
  • 5 inch Paper Tray Loc: 5″ (L) x 2.75″ (H) – Part number: PTL5-C
Not what you’re looking for? Are the standard Paper Tray Locks too big for your application? Do you want a one-piece design? BMS has other options:
  • Our MINI Paper Tray Loc is a good option for applications where a small footprint is required. It mounts to the front of your printer, has a small footprint and locks the printer tray in-place. Plus, it is a one-piece design; so there is no cover plate to remove. Simply turn the key and the lock cam moves out of the way. Now you can open your paper tray and secure it in-place with ease. You could also use the MINI Paper Tray Loc to secure a drawer.
  • Our Hinge Loc allows for maximum security in a one-piece design. It secures your printer tray, but you don’t have to remove and keep track of the Cover Plate. Simply unlock, then pivot the Cover Plate around the hinge. The BMS Hinge Loc also works great on refrigerators or cabinets that require security.
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