Locking Projector Cage – Wall Mount


Unprotected and unsecured projectors are susceptible to damage and theft. Lock your expensive investment inside a BMS Projector Cage Wall Mount (AKA, “BMS Projector Protector Wall Mount”) and take comfort knowing that it is safe and sound.

Our Wall-Mounted Locking Projector Cage is a great option when you need to protect and secure your LCD projector, but you need to wall-mount it. The Projector Protector Wall Mount has all steel construction and TWO locks. The front panel has a hinge for easy access. Heavy-duty steel angle brackets bolt to the wall studs (16-inch on-center) and provide a sturdy foundation to mount the projector cage. This Projector Cage is TOUGH and secure! Plus, it is simple to install: Simply attach the Projector Protector to the wall using the included angle brackets, position the projector inside the cage and lock it up. That’s it! Now, your expensive projector is safe from theft, tampering and vandalism in vulnerable areas.

School gyms, correctional facilities and businesses with public areas often use the BMS Projector Protector Wall Mount to secure their projectors, and save them from flying basketballs, volleyballs and other harmful projectiles.

Ordering multiple Cages? Give our friendly sales staff a call at 1-800-872-9562. We offer volume discounts on orders over 5 units.

Remember, don’t lose it… Lock it DOWN!


The BMS Locking Projector Security Cage for Wall Mounting is the perfect choice if you need to protect your expensive investment and mount it to a wall. We even make custom sizes for those tricky installations (see below). Take a look at the features listed below. Compare our projector cages to our competitors. You will see that we give you the best bang for the buck.

    • Full Metal Enclosure for Protecting Your Projector.
    • Locking front grill.
    • Projector sits inside the cage.
    • Allows for cable storage and management.
    • Attaches to wall studs with Angle Brackets (16″ on-center).
    • Comes in White or Black (Please Specify).
    • Steel Construction.
    • Proudly made in the USA.
    • Shipment within 2-3 weeks for standard-size cages.
    • Volume discounts for orders more than 5 cages.
    • Comes in Small, Medium, Large, or Custom Sizes (Contact BMS. See below)
    • Optional Feature: Inverted Projector (Contact BMS. See below.)
Please allow 2-3 weeks (possibly sooner) after receipt of order for us to ship Standard-Sized Cages.

BMS Locking Projector Cage  Wall Mount Standard Sizes:

    • SMALL Projector Protector Wall Mount – Will fit projectors up to: 15.0″ (W) x 16.3″ (D) x 6.0″ (H)
    • MEDIUM Projector Protector Wall Mount – Will fit projectors up to:23.1″ (W) x 25.5″ (D) x 9.5″ (H)
    • LARGE Projector Protector Wall Mount – Will fit projectors up to:28.5″ (W) x 33.7″ (D) x 12.0″ (H) **CALL TO ORDER**

**Please call our office direct at 1 (800) 872-9562 to place an order for the BMS Large Locking Projector Cage (Protector).
The Large Projector Protectors (Cages) are too big for parcel carriers (FedEx or UPS). Oversize fees apply. Please give our office a call for a shipping quote BEFORE ordering a Large Projector Cage.



BMS CUSTOM Locking Projector Cage Wall Mount Sizes or INVERTED PROJECTOR:

    • CUSTOM SIZES: Custom units can be made for projectors larger than: 28.5″ (W) x 33.7″ (D) x 12.0″ (H).
    • CUSTOM INVERTED: Custom units can be made for those who want to invert the projector. You may also consider using our Standard Projector Protector with a Close Throw  Adjustable Wall Arm Mount
    • An additional fee will be charged for Custom-Sized and Inverted-Projector Cages.

***Please call our office direct at 1 (800) 872-9562 ext. 105 to discuss your Custom Wall-Mounted Projector Mount needs.
BMS will need to know your specific projector make/model and dimensions; so please have that information ready prior to contacting us.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for design and production  after receipt of order on all Custom Projector Protector Cages.
Weight 40-85 lbs

PROJ PRO SW WxDxH 15"x16.3"x6.0", PROJ PRO MW WxDxH 23.1"x25.5"x9.5", PROJ PRO LW WxDxH 28.5"x33.7"x12.0" **CALL TO ORDER**