Heavy-Duty Anit-Theft Articulating TV Mount


The BMS Heavy-Duty Double Articulating Flat Panel TV Security Mount is one tough TV mount! Also known as the BMS “Double-Double Articulating Flat Panel TV Security Mount” or the BMS “FPM-DDA Flat Panel TV Security Mount,” schools, agencies, nightclubs, and restaurants all over the world rely on this TV mount for safety and security.

Do you have an expensive OLED or QLED TV that is vulnerable to theft? This Heavy-Duty Flat Panel TV Mount secures it tight to the wall. We use three tamper-resistant, screw-type locks to secure your TV to the mount and secure the mount to wall. TWO double articulating arms resist pulling and torquing forces. The wall will fail before this mount fails.

This heavy duty mount Extends 17.67-inches from the wall, Tilts up to 20 degrees and Articulates up to 90 degrees. The FPM-DDA Heavy-Duty Double Articulating TV Mount accommodates TVs with VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400. This is a true anti-theft mount, made out of durable steel.

All of our TV mounts are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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BMS Heavy Duty, Double-Articulating Flat Panel TV Security Mount Features:
  • Key lock security: tamper-resistant screw-type locks.
  • Kit includes three total Locks: two locks secure the TV to the Mount; and the third lock secures the Mount to the Wall.
  • Double Stud Wall Mount (for 16″ on-center studs) with Mounting Plate and Rails
  • Optional Wall Plate available for installations that do not have 16″ on-center studs. Give us a call for pricing and lead-time.
  • Extends up to: 17.67″ from the wall.
  • Tilts up to: 20 degrees.
  • Articulates up to: 90 degrees right to left.
  • Accommodates Flat Panel TVs with VESA Pattern up to: 600 x 400
  • Kit includes hardware to work with many types of TVs and walls. (Screws, Lag Bolts and Spacers)
  • If the hardware kit does not have what you need, you can find screws, steel stud toggles, etc. at your nearest hardware store.

TV Mount Versions:

Please consult your TV product manual for more information. Most manuals indicate the exact VESA standard necessary for mounting your particular TV.

  • FPM-DDA-400: For TVs up to VESA 400 x 400
  • FPM-DDA-600: For TVs up to VESA 600 x 400
Weight 38 lbs
Vesa Pattern

Flat Panel TV Mount DDA VESA400, Flat Panel TV Mount DDA VESA600