Epson UST Projector Protector


Keep your Epson Ultra-Short Throw Projector mounted safely to the wall with the BMS Epson UST Projector Protector (Cage) with 9″ to 16″ Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm. You mount your projector inside the Cage (AKA “Projector Protector”) and lock it up tight. The locking Adjustable Wall Arm mounts your Projector/Cage to the wall, and allows you adjust its distance from the wall and screen.

For more information about the BMS Epson Ultra-Short Throw Projector Protector, please see below.


Protect your Epson Ultra-Short Throw Projector from projectiles, discourage vandalism and prevent opportunistic theft with the BMS Epson UST Projector Protector (Cage) and Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm. The Epson UST Projector Protector is perfect for Epson UST projectors that are located in vulnerable areas and susceptible to damage or theft. Often, school gyms use our Projector Protectors to prevent basketballs and volleyballs from hitting the projector or its lens.

The steel cage is fully vented and comes with a locking hinged door for security and easy access. You may choose to have the locks keyed alike to your other BMS products, or keyed differently. The cage includes an  internal, Locking Projector Mount; so your projector is secured twice! The internal Projector Mount has a Micro Adjustment Dome that allows for quick and easy pitch and roll control. Now, you can get that perfectly aligned picture.

In addition to the Locking Projector Cage and the Locking Internal Projector Mount, you’ll receive a Locking Close Throw Adjustable Wall-Mounted Arm. It adjusts outward from the wall 9″ to 16″ the center of the projector cage. That way, you will achieve the correct picture size, even if your screen is mounted off the wall a little.

Compatible Epson Ultra-Short Throw Projectors:
 – Epson PowerLite:
  • 675W / 680 XGA / 685W WXGA
  • 700U / 720 XGA / 725W WXGA / 750F / 755F
 – Epson BrightLink:
  • 685Wi / 695Wi WXGA / 696Ui
  • 725Wi / 735Fi
If your Epson Ultra-Short Throw Projector is one of the newer models that is not mentioned on the the list above, please see our Epson UST 2020 Projector Protector with 9″ – 16″ CTAWA.


If you need a longer Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm, please contact us at 1-800-872-9562.

If you know how long the arm needs to extend, we make 17″ – 24″ CTAWA, 24″ – 38″ CTAWA, and 38″ – 64″ CTAWA. An additional fee will be added for extra pipe required to make the longer Adjustable Wall Arm.

If you do not know how long the arm needs to be, we may be able to assist. Again, our number is 1-800-872-9562.


Weight 95 lbs