Projectors are an expensive investment. Finding a simple way to mount them; so that the projector is both secured and usable can be quite difficult. There are a lot of projector mounts on the market; but very few offer key-lock security and easy precision adjustment. Even fewer have enclosures that offer protection from flying objects, like basketballs, or purposeful attempts at damage. These projector enclosures are great; but what if you can’t hang the projector from a ceiling? What if you need to mount the cage to a wall? Or what if you need to adjust the cage’s distance from the wall?

BMS has the answer… Introducing our CTAWA/Projector Cage (“Protector”) Combo.

This combination kit includes a 17 – 24 inch Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm Mount (CTAWA) and a Medium Heavy Duty Projector Protector.

Note: The Medium fits most LCD projectors that are on the market. It works very well with Epson Pro L1000+ projectors. (Please note the maximum size accommodation of each cage and compare it with your projector chassis dimensions prior to ordering.)

Don’t lose it… Lock it DOWN!

Note: The Projector and other media shown in the pictures are for reference only. They are not included with purchase.

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The BMS Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm (“CTAWA”) 17-24 and Projector Cage (“Protector”) Combo package is the perfect option for securing your projector, keeping it safe from flying objects, and adjusting its distance from the wall.

Cage is fully vented and includes a double locking front-hinged door.

Special Features that make our CTAWA Medium Projector Protector Combination better than the rest:

Unlike our competitors, the CTAWA / Projector Cage combo is a complete mounting solution. There’s no need to purchase a separate projector mount; because a mount comes welded within the cage. Our LOC II Mount allows for easy projector mounting. Plus, it provides an extra level of security.

The BMS Projector Protector also comes with our game-changing Micro Adjustment Dome. Consequently, screen alignment is quick and easy. Other brands require installation techs to balance a heavy projector cage with the correct Pitch and Roll, tighten a series of screws, and then hope the projector stayed aligned with the screen. On the other hand, the BMS Cage doesn’t require any tools for alignment. Also, once installed, screen alignment is quick and easy; because the installer simply adjusts the projector’s Pitch and Roll by turning a few thumbscrews on the Micro Adjustment Dome.

The Projector Cage screws directly on to the Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm (or “CTAWA”). The CTAWA attaches to the wall and adjusts in and out from 17 inches to 24 inches. (Distance measured from the center of the cage to the wall.) That way, installers can vary the distance from the back of the cage to the wall, as needed. Since the cage just screws directly onto the CTAWA, installers can easily set the projector’s yaw.

Schools, offices and government agencies throughout the world safely and successfully use the BMS CTAWA 17-24 Projector Protector Combo every day.

Both the CTAWA and BMS Projector Cage are proudly made in the U.S.A. with heavy duty steel. Therefore, this combo package is secure, strong, protective, and it holds your projector safely in place.

Choose from either White or Black powder coat. (Please make your selection above.)

We make the Projector Protector and Adjustable Wall Arm in different sizes:

If you need a smaller / larger Projector Cage, or you need a longer wall arm, then please contact us at 1-800-872-9562 for a quotation. If you’re not sure if the size is right, please have your Projector Make/Model and information about your mounting needs. We can make a suggestion.

BMS CTAWA 17-24 Projector Cage Combo Product Features:

  • Full Metal Enclosure protects your projector.
  • Locking front-hinged Grill.
  • Easy Precision Adjustment of Pitch, Roll and Yaw.
  • Cage Screws on to the adjustable wall arm.
  • 17-24 inch Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm (“CTAWA”) included.
  • Cage includes an internal BMS LOC II Projector Security Mount. (This is a locking mount.)
  • The Projector will be inverted and mounted to a BMS LOC II mount that is welded to the inside of the cage.
  • Projector Cage fits projectors up to: 8.5″ (H) x 23.1″ (W) x 25.5″ (D). Great for Epson Pro L1000 + series LCD projectors.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Not what you’re looking for? BMS offers other size and mount options:
  • We offer 24 to 38-inch and 36 to 64-inch Adjustable Wall Arms. Please contact us at: 1-800-872-9562.
    Please provide your projector’s make and model. We can recommend a size for your application.
    We also offer a Stabilizer Kit for longer arms.
  • BMS also offers Small and Large Projector Protector cages. Our large cage fits projectors up to: 11″ (H) x 28.5″ (W) x 33.7″ (D).
  • We can even custom-build a cage for super-large projectors. Please contact us at 1-800-872-9562 for a quotation. Please provide your projector’s make and model. We can recommend a size for your application.
  • If you need a simple wall-mounted projector cage without an internal mount or adjustable wall arm, please see our Projector Protector Wall Mount.
  • For ceiling installations, we offer a Heavy-Duty Ceiling-Mounted Projector Protector. You may also purchase ceiling flanges and extension columns – see our Projector Accessories section.
  • If you have an Epson Ultra-Short Throw projector with an under-mounted lens, then BMS offers the Epson Ultra-Short Throw Projector Protector with an Ultra-Close Throw Adjustable Wall Arm.
Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions N/A

White, Black