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The BMS-iMac Security Cable kit is designed for the Apple iMac All-In-One computer. This kit allows you to secure not only the computer but all internal and peripheral components including; the mouse, keyboard and printer.

Product Features

    • Cable Lock: A metal cylinder, encasing a high security, pick-resistant screw lock. Unlike a typical pad lock the metal lock-cylinder can not be defeated by a bolt cutter. The lock can be keyed alike with many other BMS products to provide excellent key management.
    • Hook Loc: Steel device that easily attaches the security cable to Monitors, Laptop computers, LCD projectors and any other product using a micro security slot. The unique design allows you to secure multiple devices with one security cable.
    • Cable Nut: A small metal tube that can attach to an exposed case screw to protect internal components. The Cable nut can also be used as an anchor for the cable.
    • Looper: 14 gauge steel plate designed to allow a BMS Security Cable to loop around a fixed object, like a table leg.
    • Mouse Trap: A “U”-shaped metal device designed to entrap a wired mouse and keyboard, and/or other data cable. When used in conjunction with a BMS Security Cable.


A -1 Cable Loc
B -1 Hook Loc
C -1 Cable Nut
D – 2 Loopers
E -1 Mouse Trap
F – 6 ft. vinyl coated steel cable

Weight 2 lbs