BMS Heavy-Duty Projector Protector


Projectors are an expensive investment. The BMS Heavy-Duty Projector Protector is the safe, affordable and easy solution for guarding against damage and theft.

Finding a simple way to mount your projector so it is both secured and usable can be quite difficult. There are a lot of projector enclosure brands on the market. However, there are no brands that offer projector cages with key-lock security, an integrated projector mount, and micro adjustment at an affordable price. Very often, you buy the enclosure only to find that you also have to buy a projector mount. Then, when you’re installing everything, you find it’s nearly impossible to align the projector image with the screen.

BMS has the answer…

The BMS Heavy Duty Projector Protector (Cage) is the perfect way to secure your expensive projector from theft and prevent damage in vulnerable areas. Unlike our competitors, we include a locking mount within our standard heavy duty projector cages. Plus, our projector cages come with precision adjustment of pitch and roll. With a few, simple turns of a thumbscrew, the installation tech can easily align the projector with the screen.

    • Full metal enclosure.
    • Locking and hinged front grill.
    • Precision adjustment for pitch and roll.
    • Control yaw by twisting the entire cage right or left on the standard 1.5″ threaded column.
    • LCD LOC II Locking Universal Projector Security Mount comes included with the cage.
    • Projector mounts inverted within the cage.
    • Usually ships within 1 – 2 weeks. (Possibly sooner.)

The mounting column and projector pictured below are for visual reference. They do not come included with purchase. 

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Unlike our competitors, the BMS Heavy-Duty Projector Protector is a complete mounting solution. There’s no need to purchase a separate projector mount, because we include one with each cage. Our LOC II Universal Projector Security Mount adds an extra level of security, and it’s easy to install.

The BMS Heavy-Duty Projector Protector also comes with our game-changing Micro Adjustment Dome. As a result, screen alignment is quick and easy. Other brands require installers to balance a heavy projector cage with the correct alignment, while tightening a series of screws. Hopefully, the projector aligns with the screen.

However, the BMS Cage doesn’t require any tools for alignment. Once installed, screen alignment is quick and easy. The installer simply adjusts the projector’s Pitch and Roll by turning a few thumbscrews on the Micro Adjustment Dome.

Schools, offices and government agencies throughout the world safely and successfully use the BMS Heavy Duty Projector Protector every day. Therefore, you know BMS is the way to go for your projector cage needs.

BMS Projector Protectors are made in the USA out of heavy duty steel. As a result, this cage is secure, strong, and will hold your projector safely in place.

Choose from either White or Black powder coat. (Please make your selection above.)

BMS Projector Cages usually ship within 1 – 2 weeks of order receipt. (Often, they ship even sooner.)

Heavy-Duty Projector Protectors Features:
  • Projector enclosed by a locking Steel cage.
  • Comes with an integrated LOC II Universal Projector Security Mount.
  • Front access hinged panel and key-lock security.
  • Three Sizes to choose from – Small, Medium (most-popular) & Large – for the best fit.
  • Front & rear precision adjustment by hand: Pitch and Roll up to 15 degrees.
  • Yaw axis (Swivel): up to 360 degrees.
  • Attaches to 1.5 inch Threaded Ceiling Pipe/Column
  • Made in the USA.
  • Easily hide power and other cables. They feed out the top of the enclosure into the mounting Column.
  • Color: White or Black. (Please specify.)
  • 1.5 inch threaded mounting column is sold separately.
BMS Heavy-Duty Projector Protector (Cage) Sizes:
  • Small – LOC II Small-Wide Universal Locking Projector Mount comes standard with the cage.
    Fits projectors up to: 5.0″ (H) x 15.0″ (W) x 16.3″ (D).
  • Medium – LOC II Medium-Wide Universal Locking Projector Mount comes standard with the cage.
    Fits projectors up to: 8.5″ (H) x 23.1″ (W) x 25.5″ (D)
    The Medium fits an Epson Pro L 1000+ series projector with a standard lens, perfectly with room to spare in the back.
  • Large – LOC II Large Universal Locking Projector Mount comes standard with the cage.
    Fits projectors up to: 11.0″ (H) x 28.5″ (W) x 33.7″ (D)
    Please contact our office at 1-800-872-9562 to order the Large Projector Protector. Due to its weight and girth, an oversize fee applies on shipping.

  • **Custom – BMS makes custom for projectors larger than: 9.75″ (H) x 32.75″ (W) x 32.75″ (D).
    Please Call with specific projector model and dimensions to receive a quotation.
    Please allow 4 weeks for delivery (possibly sooner) on all Custom Cages.

If you need standard 1.5-inch Threaded Ceiling Extension Columns (Mounting Pipes), we make those too. Please see our Fixed Extension Columns or our Adjustable Extension Columns.

Generally, we recommend attaching the Projector Protector to a Heavy Duty Ceiling Flange.

Weight 91 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 32 × 16 in

PROJ PRO SM WxDxH 15"x16.3"x5.0", PROJ PRO MD WxDxH 23.1"x25.5"x8.5", PROJ PRO LG WxDxH 28.5"x33.7"x11.0" (PLEASE CALL TO ORDER)