Wall Mount


  • Key Lock Security
  • Cable Storage and Management
  • Key Alike and/or Differently With Other Products
  • Full Cage Enclosure
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

    Standard Color is Black (White upon request)


  • Ensures only authorized personnel can access the unit
  • Make any wall in a room a viewing area
  • Easy access for equipment or wire swaps
  • Key alike to any of our other locking devices for master access, or key differently for responsible controls
  • Provides maximum security by completely enclosing the AV unit, preventing anything from touching or accessing bulbs and ports

    List Price

  • PROJ PRO SW $394.69

  • PROJ PRO MW $543.31

  • PROJ PRO LW $743.87

    Some units are custom made to fit your specific need. Please give us a call for pricing and specifications

Projector Protector: Wall Mount

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Size: PROJ PRO SW - WxDxH 15"x16.3"x6.0"
PROJ PRO MW- WxDxH 23.1"x25.5"x9.5"
PROJ PRO LW- WxDxH 28.5"x33.7"x12.0"
Weight Capacity: 100lbs
Color: Black (White upon request)
Finish: Powder Coat
Security Features: Key Lock Security
Tilt: +15/-0
Shipping Weight:
  • PROJ PRO SW 40 lbs
  • PROJ PRO MW 70 lbs
  • PROJ PRO LW 85 lbs