Locking TV Ceiling Mount

Locking TV Ceiling Mount


  • VESA Compatible
  • Key Lock Security
  • Ceiling Flange w/Extension Column
  • Use with Flat Screens TV's
  • Ships Partially Assembled


  • Safe and Secure
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Matches Most Flat Panel TV's
  • Protection Against Loss
  • Ease of Installation

BMS FPCLM-FPM-T 200 (For TV's up to Approximately 200x200)

List Price $177.92

BMS FPCLM-FPM-T 400 (For TV's up to Approximately 400x400)

List Price $196.95
The FPM – C - Locking TV Ceiling Mount can provide up to a 20 degree tilt and 360 degree swivel. The FPM-C is available for TV’s up to 50” and includes a ceiling flange and a 48” extension column. Longer extension columns are available upon request. This is a true anti theft mount that includes the BMS screw lock for true” Key Lock” Security. The FPM-C TV mount is VESA compatible and proudly “Made in the USA”.
Sizes Available: FPM-CM-200 VESA 200,100 (For TV's up to Approximately 200x200")
FPM-CM-400 VESA 400,300,200,100 (For TV's up to Approximately 400x400")
Mounting Pattern: VESA Compliant
Color: Black
Finish: Powder Coat
Security Features: Key Lock Security
Tilt: 20 degrees
Shipping Weight: FPM-CM-200 30lbs
FPM-CM-400 35lbs