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Cart or Desktop Security Mount Solution

LCD projectors are held firm and secure with the economical side loc kit. LCD projectors are light-weight and expensive. They’re easy targets for any would be thief. This quick and easy LCD mounts solution will keep your projector secure. LCD projectors will never fall or bounce off of a cart with the LCD side loc security mount. BMS LCD mounts are easy to use. This system is strong enough to prevent the most determined thief yet versatile enough to allow for easy adjustability using the projector’s own height adjustment system.

Projector mounts are easy to install and will take only a few minutes of your time. Our projector mounts (like all BMS products) come with installation instructions that answer the question: “How to mount a projector “and you’ll find them easy to follow. If not, we are always on hand to help you mount the projector in whatever way you desire.

The LCD Side Loc firmly secures an LCD projector to desktops or mobile carts. Cables can tether a projector to a cart but can not prevent the projector from falling or bouncing off the cart while being moved. The LCD projector mounts side loc system holds the projector to the cart yet allows for easy adjustability that comes with every projector.

Projector mounts easily with our Side Loc Kit

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Projector mounts

Cart or Desktop Security Mount Solution

Side Loc Cable Nut Kit (LCD-SL-CN) - $62

The device is comprised of a set of 3/8” solid steel rods that are either attached to the projector via:

Our unique CABLE NUTS (CN) which are attached directly to the projectors threaded inserts (which were designed into the bottom of the projector to enable it to be mounted to the ceiling).

Or our patented FLEX PADS (FP) which are permanently bonded to the sides of the projector like bookends.

projector mounts

Side Loc Flex Pad Kit (LCD-SL-FP) - $68

Kit includes:   2 permanently bondable flex pads and glue or 2 cable nuts and screws, 2 heavy duty right-angle steel plates with slide rails, and 2 large security bolts which extend through the cart shelf and are secured by 2 pick resistant locks.