• Key Lock Security
  • Micro-Adjustability
  • Swivel - 360 Degrees
  • Cable Storage and Management
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Key Alike and/or Differently with other products


  • Ensures only authorized personnel can access the unit
  • Allows the user to make tiny adjustments without the use of any tools
  • Make any wall in a room a viewing area
  • 1.3" height of storage space, allows for clean and easy storage of cables that run from the tray through the pipe
  • Two interlocking steel trays provide access and stability to projector during maintenance
  • Key alike to any of our other locking devices for master access, or key differently for responsible controls

    List Price

  • LCD LOC II (S) $218.45

    Product Dimensions (12.4”W x13.7”D)

  • LCD LOC II (SW) $218.45

    Product Dimensions (14.4”W x12.3”D)

  • LCD LOC II (MW) $249.76

    Product Dimensions (17.7”W x16.3”D)

  • LCD LOC II (M) $249.76

    Product Dimensions (16.3"W x17.7"D)

  • LCD LOC II (L) $323.75

    Product Dimensions (21.3"W x 24.3"D)

LCD LOC II: Universal Locking Projector Mount

The BMS LOC II universal projector mount provides true “key lock security” and is the #1 Locking Mount for schools, universities and corporations nationwide. The innovative design of the LOC II is often imitated and for good reason; it provides excellent protection of expensive equipment, is easy to install and easy to use. The Universal Grid is adaptable to all projector models and the Precision Micro Adjustment Dome allows quick adjustment of pitch, roll and yaw without the use of tools. The BMS LOC II mount is proudly “Made in the USA” and is the perfect choice to provide a Secure and Stable platform for all types of projectors.
Options (Please see Specifications download for sizes available)
Mounting Pattern: Universal Mounting Tray
Weight Capacity: 50lbs
Color: White
Finish: Powder Coat
Security Features: Key Lock Security
Tilt: +15/-0
Mount Sizes for LOC II:
  • LCD LOC II (S) (12.4”W x13.7”D)
  • LCD LOC II (SW) (14.4”W x12.3”D)
  • LCD LOC II (MW) (17.7”W x16.3”D)
  • LCD LOC II (M) (16.3"W x17.7"D)
  • LCD LOC II (L) (21.3"W x 24.3"D)
Shipping Weight:
  • LCD LOC II (S) 10.5 lbs
  • LCD LOC II (SW) 10.5 lbs
  • LCD LOC II (MW) 15 lbs
  • LCD LOC II (M) 15 lbs
  • LCD LOC II (L) 22 lbs