• Internal AV Equipment Tray
  • Cable Storage and Management
  • Key Lock Security
  • Tooless Adjustability
  • Swivel - 360 Degrees
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Key Differently and/or Alike with other products


  • Ensures only authorized personnel can access the unit
  • Allows the user to make tiny adjustments without the use of any tools
  • Make any wall in a room a viewing area
  • 2.23" height of storage space, allows for clean and easy storage of cables that run from the tray through the pipe
  • Two interlocking steel trays provide access and stability to projector during maintenance
  • Key alike to any of our other locking devices for master access, or key differently for responsible controls
  • Easy and secure access to AV accessory equipment

List Price

LCD LOC V: Dual Dome Projector Mount

Size: 13.13" x 12.63" x 6.72" (WxDxH)
Total Inside Dimension: Up to 11.75" x 12" x 3" (WxDxH)
Weight Capacity: 50lbs
Color: White
Finish: Powder Coat
Security Features: Key Lock Security
Tilt: +15/-0
Shipping Weight: 17lb
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