Cable Loc

High security metal cylinder that attaches with a screw lock to the end of the cable. Can be keyed alike with any other BMS product.

  • Screw type key like with lock, key & post
  • Includes the metal cylinder
  • Used in most secuirty products

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Mouse Trap

A "U" shaped metal device designed to entrap a mouse, keyboard, and or other data cable. Used in conjunction with a BMS Security Cable.

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Pad Lock

"Pass Through" lock without the shackle allowing BMS security cable to pass through and loop around a fixed structure.

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14 gauge steel plate designed to allow a BMS Security Cable to loop around a fixed object.

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Security Cable

3/16" diameter steel aircraft cable. Vinyl coated to 1/4" diameter

  • Several sizes available with straight or looped end
  • Color: Gray or Black
    Sizes & Prices
  • 3' Cable $6.91
  • 4' Cable $7.79
  • 5' Cable $8.67
  • 6' Cable $9.55
  • 7' Cable $10.44
  • 8' Cable $11.32
  • 9' Cable $12.20


Hook Loc

The unique Hook Loc will easily attach the security cable to Laptop computers, LCD projectors and any other product that has a micro security slot built into it.

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Cable Plate

Metal Plate with high bonding adhesive (rated at 140lbs. PSI) used to attach a Security Cable to a flat surface. The Cable plate will attach to most surfaces of any equipment or work space.

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Cable Nut

Metal tube can attach to an exposed case screwwhich will protect internal components. Can be also used as an anchor for a cable.

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Scissor Loc-D

Attach the security cable to Dell Laptop computers.

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Flex Pad

A cable nut attached to a steel disk completely encased in neoprene. This part is flexible, can be trimmed to size and will permanently bond to a flat OR curved surface with cyanoacrylate. "Glue sold separately."

  • Mini Flex Pad
  • Round Flex Pad 2"

List Price
Flex Pad Round $4.96
Flex Pad Small $4.96


Projector Clip

A "U" shaped metal clip used with BMS security cable to secure projectors.

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BMS Glue

The Cyanoacrylate glue comes in a 2 gram tube. This is applied with our flex pads to any desired surface to be secured.

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Scissor Loc

Attach the security cable to Laptop computers, LCD projectors and any other product that has a micro security slot built into it.

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Cable Plate

• Full Size: 2in x 3.5in
• Half Size: 2in x 1.75in
• With high bonding adhesive used to attach a security cable to flat surface.

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BMS 4-Digit Combination Pad Lock

• Pad Loc with ability to reset combination.
• Can also be opened with key if combination is lost.

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BMS Lock, Key & Post

• Screw Type Key Lock with Key & Post
• Does NOT include the Metal Cylinder
• Used in most of our security products

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